Reduce emissions within the value chain by aligning with the 1.5°C target

Implement renewable energy

Renewable energy research & strategy

Country-and-region-specific research on the implementation of renewable energy

When it comes to implementing renewable energy on a global scale, you need to draft a strategy for which regions to start from and what methods to use, taking into consideration the impact and cost efficiency of emission reductions. We will research various factors such as the power supply situation and legal systems of each country and region, and propose an optimal implementation strategy.

  • Country-and-region-specific research on the implementation of renewable energy
  • Support in drafting a strategy for implementing renewable energy

Power purchase agreement (PPA)

By concluding a medium-to-long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with renewable energy power producers, we are able to procure renewable energy power at a fixed price; this will help companies be ready for the risk of escalating power costs in the future.

  • Research on PPA implementation in Japan and overseas
  • Selecting power producers and concluding offsite PPAs

Energy certificates

It is possible to immediately implement renewable electrical energy by using the energy attribute certificates (EAC) of renewable electrical energy production. Creattura will help your company to acquire J-Credits and non-fossil fuel certificates with tracking information in Japan, as well as international electrical energy certificates.

  • J-Credits (source: renewable electrical energy)
  • Non-fossil fuel certificates with tracking information
  • International certificates such as I-REC, REC, and GoO

Thermal certificates

When non-renewable thermal energy supplied by other companies is being used, it is possible to compensate by utilizing renewable thermal energy certificates.

  • J-Credits (source: renewable thermal energy)

Turn reductions into credits, and create new value

Generate carbon credits

Creattura will assist you in generating carbon credits from the results of decarbonization achieved by your company’s activities, products, and services. Generating carbon credits can create a variety of benefits, including economic value from trading them and corporate value by providing the credits to the local community and transaction partners.

  • Japan’s J-Credit Certification Scheme and JCM
  • Global standards such as VCS and Gold Standard
  • Commercializing the credits
Monetizing carbon credits

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