Global and progressive
climate solutions

We use our global network to offer progressive and
effective CO2 reduction solutions.

We provide innovative solutions to address the various issues faced by global companies aiming for net zero emissions.

We offer established market-based CO2 reduction solutions taking into account the latest standards, Japan’s policy positions, laws and regulations, and market trends. We specialize in delivering strategies for effective utilization of energy certificates and high-quality carbon credits. (both international and domestic markets)

NET-ZERO Emissions

CO2 Reduction Solutions

  1. 01Know what your CO2 emissions are
  2. 02Reduce emissions within the value chain by aligning with the 1.5°C target
  3. 03Realize net-zero emissions by reduction activities outside the value chain

Who is Creattura?

Combining the powers of IT and finance with climate change, and restoring natural capital to realize a sustainable society

Climate change is a threat to the continued existence of not only humans, but also of all living creatures on the earth.
Through our businesses at Creattura, we are helping to restore the earth’s biodiversity and contributing to the sustainable development of humankind.

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