We offer established market-based CO2 reduction solutions taking into account the latest standards, Japan’s policy positions, laws and regulations, and market trends. We specialize in delivering strategies for effective utilization of energy certificates and high-quality carbon credits.

The path to realizing net zero

Currently, countries including Japan that account for over 90% of global GDP have committed to net zero emissions (being carbon neutral); in essence, this is being in a state of not emitting greenhouse gases.

In order for a company to achieve net zero, it has to reduce its emissions within the value chain to a level that will curb temperature rises to 1.5°C, and also invest in reduction activities outside the value chain to absorb and eliminate emissions that cannot be reduced.

CO₂ emissions

Monetizing carbon credits

We offer support for the creation and monetizing of carbon credits

At Creattura, we assist in the registration of projects of businesses that are considering carrying out CO2 reduction and absorption activities and creating carbon credits.

We provide comprehensive support for project registration to Japan’s J-Credit Scheme and JCM as well as global standards such as VCS and Gold Standard, up to the actual issuance of carbon credits.

We also help with the buying and selling of created credits at our company, helping you to quickly monetize those credits.

J-Credit Scheme
Gold Standard

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