Realize net-zero emissions by reduction activities outside the value chain

Make use of carbon credits

We will help you to procure reliable carbon credits

Even if reductions are made in the 1.5°C scenario, there will still be emissions that can be mitigated by reduction activities outside of the value chain (BVCM: Beyond value chain mitigation).

A general method is to purchase a quantity of high-quality carbon credits corresponding to the mitigation amount and use them to offset your company’s emissions.
We will help you to procure reliable carbon credits that correspond to the country or region of preference.

  • J-Credits in Japan
  • International credits such as VCS and Gold Standard

Prepare for the risk of carbon credit prices rising

Creattura will help your company to make early investments to acquire medium-to-long term offset rights.

The price of carbon credits fluctuates depending on their demand and supply, and so this may become a huge burden of mitigation costs in the future.
An effective way to curb these future cost burdens is to reduce your company’s dependence on procuring credits from the markets, invest in carbon projects, and acquire medium-to-long term offset rights.

And when it comes to selecting projects, the focus is on not just carbon removal or reduction but also on co-benefits such as contribution to biodiversity and the SDGs by NbS (Nature-based Solutions) and other initiatives.

Support for investing in new NbS projects in Japan and overseas, including forestry and agriculture

Assistance in improving quality using information technologies such as satellite image analysis and block chains

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